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A Case of Heartfelt Smiles

Charities face a significant challenge every year to raise enough funds to carry on their splendid work. They are expected to “run a tight ship” when it comes to controlling operating costs.

Events such as the ups/downs of the national economy; tax law changes; and, competition with other charities can make precisely forecasting the success of meeting/exceeding annual fundraising goals quite a task for 501(c)(3) leadership.

Here’s a Smile-Producing, No-Risk, No-Cost Offer Your Organization Should Sincerely Consider. . .

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We Guarantee a creative and proven approach to boost your fundraising results at absolutely no cost or risk; and without your organization having to incur added expense to budget more for promotion; or, recruit extra volunteers; or, ask donors to increase their donations!

We Guarantee our no-cost approach has the potential to enhance the percentage of funds your organization assigns to deliver its needed services.

We Guarantee from past experience that qualifying corporate donors can benefit in even more ways than from just the joy of supporting your organization.

We Guarantee our approach to fundraising can help grow your organization’s surplus which looks good on its balance sheet and bodes well for leadership during a performance review.

We Guarantee your organization can net 100 cents back on every dollar from donations we’re directly responsible for—thereby, elevating your fund-raising efficiency factor.

We Guarantee to help you attract new corporate donors by ”spreading the word” about how they can profit in ways they haven’t heard of or considered before.

We Guarantee this approach can effectively work for you year around rather than your relying on historical best fund-raising campaign periods for best results.

We Guarantee complete confidentiality in all communications with you/your staff and will gladly sign a nondisclosure agreement.

We Guarantee there is no cost or obligation if you want to learn about our recipe to increase corporate donors’ donations without asking them to dig deeper.

“The only way to predict the future is to create it.”

--Abraham Lincoln

To learn about a novel/proven fund-raising idea for your 501(c)(3) without obligation: