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Covid Relief Specialists Helping Small Businesses Qualify
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norm simon

Norman Simon,

Founder & President – Essential Partners LLC

Our Smile Story and Yours*

Following a decades-long heartening career helping clients achieve their planning and financial goals, Norman sought a new challenge--to define what “puts a smile” on the faces of America's C-Suite financial executives.  His answer was to form a partnership between his firm, Essential Partners, and Inc 5000’s BottomLine Concepts (BLC) because of its long history of successfully eliminating unrealized Indirect overspending, plus a commitment to charitable giving.

Essential Partners is the “glue” that bonds forward-thinking C-Suite financial executives with BLC and its contingency model that doesn't require clients to change suppliers/vendors.  With clients numbering 2000+ Fortune and privately owned businesses and organizations, BLC has thus far delivered some $700MM in Indirect-spend savings.

Eliminating unrealized Indirect profit-consuming overcharges, posting redundancies, contract-gotcha provisions, tax faux pas, noncompetitive rates, etc. from suppliers/ vendors’ invoices does indeed produce grateful smiles from C-Suite financial executives.  For-profit businesses realize increases in company value, cash flow, net profitability and operational efficiency. Nonprofit/not-for-profit organizations experience additional surplus on their balance sheets to the satisfaction of their Leadership and Board.

BLC’s Government Aid Division is comprised of CPAS, Attorneys and Technicians 100% dedicated to help small business owners impacted by the pandemic.  This Team will evaluate your business’ particular situation—at t no obligation—to determine your eligibility for the “Loan-Free Employee Retention Tax Credit Grant.”  And, if so desired, the Team will manage the entire filing process for you concluding with submission and progress monitoring of your application to IRS. 

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It’s Our Business to Make Sure Your Business or Organization is Not Letting Dollars Fall through the Cracks

Our Award-Winning Essential Partner — BottomLine Concepts, is an Inc. 5000 company founded in 2009. Since then, its contingency-based model has delivered over $700MM in Unrealized Indirect Overspend Savings to hundreds of Fortune Companies, Small-Large Privately Owned Businesses and 501(c) Organizations.

The role of Essential Partners is to “set the stage” for BLC with its 95% success rate to begin its process designed to deliver meaningful savings to you without requiring any change in your suppliers/vendors.


Helping Small Businesses Financially or OperationallyImpacted
by the Pandemic

BLC established its contingency-based Government Aid Division — a 20-accountant team dedicated to providing guidance, insight, eligibility-screening and filing assistance for the loan-free "Employee Retention Tax Credit Grant." Thus far, the BLC team is responsible for qualifying businesses to receive some $5,000,000,000 in refunds.

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Unrealized Indirect Overspend No Small Potatoes!

What global consulting firms reveal about Indirect Spend:

"Since 2011, Indirect Spend has been growing by an estimated 7 percent per year globally. Even so, many organizations fail to give indirect categories the attention they deserve.”

-McKinsey & Co.

"Indirect Spend is a significant and untapped source of savings because it is difficult to manage. When you combine fragmented categories and supply markets with fragmented departmental buying and fragmented process, you get leakage and missed opportunity at every step.”


“Only 8% of F100 executives believe that their procurement department strategically manages and optimizes all indirect spend.”

-Harris Interactive Survey


How Would You Grade Your Company’s Success Eliminating Unrealized Indirect Overspending?

CFOs convinced their Company’s Indirect suppliers/vendors’ invoices contain no posting redundancies, overcharges, tax faux pas, equipment-contract gotchas and less-than-best pricing have learned keeping an open mind can potentially reward them with:

  • Unexpected meaningful savings resulting from only their minimal involvement...

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Whether you buy, lease or rent equipment, supplies and services which indirectly support sales and grow your bottom line, it’s called SPEND!

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Could your company or organization unknowingly be overpaying for Indirect services and purchases?

Our Partner—BottomLine Concepts—has successfully delivered unexpected savings to For-profits and Nonprofits/Not-for-Profits including 40% of Top 100 Accounting Firms.

Indirect supplies and services which have produced the most impressive savings for clients on a shorter turnaround consist of:

  • Accounts-Payable Recovery

  • Asset Recovery

  • Employee Benefits

  • Credit Cards

  • Shipping

  • Sales Use & GST Tax

  • Telecom + Data + Wireless

  • Electric and Gas

  • Water and Sewer

  • Waste & Recycling

“Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”

-Will Rogers

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Businesses and Industries We Serve


Agriculture & Farming


Banks & Credit Unions


Defense Contractors


Education Institutions


Equipment Rental/Leasing

Financial Services

Food & Beverage Manufacturers


Insurance Companies

Healthcare, Hospitals & Practices

Life Sciences

Manufacturing Companies

Medical Device Manufacturers/Suppliers

entrance to hospital

Mining & Natural Resources

Nonprofits/Not for Profits

Pharmaceutical Companies

Private Equity

Professional Services

Real Estate, Brokerage & Property Management

Recycling & Waste Management

Restaurants, Hotels & Hospitality


Senior Care & Living Facilities


Tech-based Companies

Utilities & Energy Companies

Warehousing & Logistics


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