We Eliminate and Prevent Unrealized Indirect Overspending To
Boost Company Value • Increase Operational Efficiency • Improve Cashflow • Grow Net Profitability

Covid Relief Specialists Helping Small Businesses Qualify
for the Non-Loan Employee Retention Tax Credit Grant

boss with lost of tasks

Even CFOs can have the “frazzles.”

CFOs are often spread way too thin meeting deadlines and putting out fires to Guarantee without hesitation that Unrealized Indirect Overspending is not undermining their company’s net profitability. 

Wouldn’t you want to know if there’s appreciable savings to be had by eliminating unrealized profit-consuming mistakes lurking in your Indirect suppliers/vendors' invoices?

Essential Partners in partnership with BottomLine Concepts make it so easy for You to get started on the path to achieve such a goal—strictly on contingency and with only You/Your Team’s minimal involvement.

Because no one size fits all...

Your path to potential new-found savings can begin with a “brief no-obligation, what-do-I-have-to-lose discovery call” to identify which categories of your Indirect-spend have traditionally proven to produce meaningful  savings, boost company value, increase operational efficiency, improve cashflow and grow net profitability. Our promise to you will...

  • Guarantee there is no cost or obligation to discuss how we can be of help to you!

  • Guarantee to minimize Your/Your Team’s role throughout our review process allowing You to attend to those pressing higher-priority projects!

  • Guarantee there is no charge for a contingency-fee-only engagement in the off chance no savings are realized!

  • Guarantee you can keep your same Indirect suppliers/vendors!

  • Guarantee our process/results will not compromise the performance, reputation, product integrity and employee morale/headcount of your business/organization.

  • Guarantee complete confidentiality in all communications and will gladly sign an NDA!

To learn about your Indirect-Savings Opportunities without obligation: